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  1. There was an interesting conversation today on Telegram surrounding the Gas cost and how you are paying on each bid, not just the won contract. Naturally this will have to be accounted for in the rewards, but it would be interesting to know how OT plan on doing this,

    One thing that will be different for every node holder is how many bids they take to get a contract and then how much gas they’ve paid on each attempt depending on the network.

    One way to fairly compensate the nodes would be to average out the gas cost taken to get a contract (including all failures) and have that as a set fee that the purchaser has to pay on top of the staking fee. The fee would be fluctuating based on network averages, so not fixed by the team or the node holder.

    Although we’re early on, gas fees and holding ETH were probably something that not many imagined, although logically now that it’s happening, of course it would never have been anything else.

  2. One other query that i have is surrounding the UX of Houston. If this is to be the area you interact with the node and manage jobs, then once a job is in progress, you should be able to monitor that job for the following:

    Duration agreed
    Expiration countdown
    TRAC staked
    TRAC to be received
    Job completion status (like a green light for completion so that you can be confident in the process)

    There should also be lifetime information so that you are able to monitor returns easily, so for example

    Lifetime TRAC staked
    Lifetime TRAC won
    Lifetime Gas fees
    Lifetime Stake lost

    Ideally you should be able to break this down by date searches too.

    1. On the topic of node holders UX, we need to start with resources that clearly explain each field. For those that are configurable, we also need an explanation of the impact of changing the variable.

      A single, static document for this is hard because node holders will be at different levels of familiarity with the settings. Maybe a forum or AMA specifically dedicated for the node holders to ask these questions.

      I, personally, hate asking in the technical Discord things such as, “If mATRAC per byte per minute is set to 1, doesn’t this mean that I would be charging one ATRAC per kilobyte of data…per minute? That’s insane. What am I missing” Most people in the technical Discord are troubleshooting and not discussing the staking/bidding/ROI topics.

  3. I would like to see Data Creators (the companies buying services from the ODN) be given a reputation score, just as the nodes are. Additionally, I would like to see every agreement contract given a success rate score.

    It is possible actors would engage nodes on the network, imposing nearly impossible conditions on the agreement. If node operators overlook or do not understand the implications of the agreement, they may lose their stake by design.

    Similarly, agreement contracts that have not been upheld with a high rate of success by the node operators (equating to causing node operators to lose their stake) should have to identify their completion rate.

    I see nothing limiting the decentralized ambitions, as it pertains to enforcing every participant on the network to earn a reputation over time, as opposed to the node operators only.

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