August 7th, 2018

Founder of OriginTrail, Ziga Drev, dropped by on the OriginTrail telegram chat with the following, very interesting, message:

Hello fellow Tracers! A quick update from China from the founding team – as you may have noticed OriginTrail was featured in an important piece published by the Forbes earlier this week. Why is this important? It bears significance since our team was the one of the main contributors in lengthy content creation process of the article alongside and other respected companies.

The privilege to gain mention in such a respected media outlet around one of the hottest topics stems from the ability of our team to deliver on time with desired outcomes for our stakeholders. Of course none of this would have been possible without those evangelising the project while providing constructive criticism. It both validates the project and inspires us to improve.

Currently, the team is working with the hundreds of companies that are either trialing the OriginTrail services or have already deployed their use cases. In the meantime, we have been successfully formalising a partnership in China. We are going to share more details on that in the next month. Another exciting update about the project progress is coming from Europe. Just recently we became the leading partner for blockchain integration in a 100 + companies strong consortium supported by the European Union under the H2020 framework with a 20 million grant. More on this one when the vacation period ends with most of consortium partners.

Community member malexaffey then replied with a question for Ziga:
– Can you explain further what it means to be the leading partner in the consortium? What are the implications and how was the distinction achieved?

Thanks @malexaffey It’s great to be here. The leading partner for the specific innovation domain means we lead a regional cluster in one of so called Flagship Innovation Experiments (FIEs) (1 of 9 of these, we focus on decentralisation in agrifood sector, whereas other 8 cluster focus some other technology deemed to have potential on the sector such as AI, IOT.). We will discuss implications more thoroughly soon, but just to provide some outlook the screenshot from the Consortium document is given below. The inclusion of OriginTrail was achieved through one of the partners we already revealed, as they are the coordinator of the project. We got invited to take part in multiple round application process carried out by the EU. This is sth I can share for the time being.

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