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OriginTrail.community news 24th March 2020
The Revival of the OriginTrail Community!

Greetings Tracers, and welcome to the OriginTrail community website, made by volunteers of the OriginTrail community. If you have been to this community website before, we are delighted to still have you with …

Development 7th August 2018
OriginTrail beta program progress report and discussion

Today, OriginTrail developer Vladimir dropped by on the OriginTrail telegram chat and had a short discussion with some community members. He opened his discussion with a short recap of the monthly report: Protocol …

OriginTrail News 7th August 2018
Update from OriginTrail in China

Founder of OriginTrail, Ziga Drev, dropped by on the OriginTrail telegram chat with the following, very interesting, message: Hello fellow Tracers! A quick update from China from the founding team – as you …

Education, OriginTrail News 26th July 2018
OriginTrail team opens up an ‘Ask Us Anything’ livestream

Dear Tracers, Starting on Monday, July 30, Tomaz Levak and Ziga Drev will be doing monthly AUA’s (Ask Us Anything) live on YouTube to answer questions from the community. This our chance to …

Uncategorised 14th July 2018
Community-driven Node Brainstorming

  Let us know your thoughts on the nodes, how they are now, and where they should go in the future. Add an issue as a reply and others can respond to your …

Education 13th July 2018
Protocols Platforms and DApps – blockchain layers explained

OK so you’ve entered the world of cryptocurrencies and you’ve seen a bunch of phrases thrown around willy-nilly. You’ve just about learned what a blockchain is (that was enough to get through, right?), …

Development 9th July 2018
Extensive guide to a secure OriginTrail node setup

Introduction to setting up a secure Ubuntu server for the first time This tutorial is meant for beginners who want to set up an Ubuntu server for the first time. It contains the …

Education, Industry 7th July 2018
What is GS1? A supply chain Story: GS1, the Blockchain and the off-chain

Recently two of my worlds collided a bit; my start-up food business, and my side interest of blockchain tech. I found it incredible what a huge impact blockchain tech could (will) have on …

OriginTrail Community Launch

Origintrail.community After weeks of designing, developing and finetuning we are excited to present you the OriginTrail Community website. As an independent group of volunteers we will provide you with all you need to …


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