July 4th, 2018

Community Launch Contest

First we’d like to thank you for your interest in the OriginTrail community! The community is such an important factor for a project to succeed and we hope that we can build the best crypto community together with you! To celebrate the launch of our website we are hosting a contest amongst the Trace Community to reward the dedicated Tracers out there!

How to participate?

We’d like you to contribute to the community! That’s why we want you to think of an innovative, refreshing, not previously conceived use case for the OriginTrail protocol. Do your research in the capabilities of the protocol. We’d like to think that our site is a nice place to start with this :D. Write an extensive writeup or a small whitepaper. After collecting all the contributions, we will post a blog with all the writeups and the community can vote on the best ones.


  • Think of a new and innovative use case for the OriginTrail protocol
  • Create an extensive writeup / whitepaper
  • Use a minimum of 333 words
  • If you use visuals and charts, oh boy oh boy!

How can I enter?

Post your entry in the comments below before the 31th of July. Winners will be chosen and announced before the 4th of August.

We will contact you through your submitted email address.

What can I win?

The following prizes will be divided among the 4 winning entries:

  1. OriginTrail T-shirt + Hoodie + Mug + Stickers
  2. OriginTrail T-shirt + Hoodie
  3. OriginTrail Hoodie
  4. OriginTrail T-shirt

And maybe if you’re really good, who knows what comes out of it!

We wish you good luck with the contest and are looking forward to see your entry!

OriginTrail Community Team

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