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Education, OriginTrail News 26th July 2018

OriginTrail team opens up an ‘Ask Us Anything’ livestream

Dear Tracers, Starting on Monday, July 30, Tomaz Levak and Ziga Drev will be doing monthly AUA’s (Ask Us Anything) live on YouTube to answer questions from the community. This our chance to …

Education 13th July 2018

Protocols Platforms and DApps – blockchain layers explained

OK so you’ve entered the world of cryptocurrencies and you’ve seen a bunch of phrases thrown around willy-nilly. You’ve just about learned what a blockchain is (that was enough to get through, right?), …

Education, Industry 7th July 2018

What is GS1? A supply chain Story: GS1, the Blockchain and the off-chain

Recently two of my worlds collided a bit; my start-up food business, and my side interest of blockchain tech. I found it incredible what a huge impact blockchain tech could (will) have on …